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I’ll spare you the antiquated paragraph on how my time away from this domain has allowed me to see ‘things’ more clearly; however, I will say, it’s certainly good to be back.

Not much has changed, aside from a much needed nudge toward aesthetic maturity here, and maybe a more organic and free-flowing content-stream (as opposed to just overly-static posts).

Now, the inevitable question, why the sudden return? Well, excuse the horrible cliché, but, it is, invariably, for the music. Too many times, I would sift through my most recent crate acquisitions and feel weirdly constrained by the inability to run my mouth off in one of these pathetic posts, as I’ve been doing for what seems like forever now.

Next question — what music specifically prompted the return — and for that answer, you need not look any further than the city featured in our namesake. Toronto, and its surrounding burroughs, have become convincing hotbeds for electronic ingenuity, regardless of sub-genre. Perhaps none more convincing than the latest from Gingy & Bordello, on Turbo, titled,  Iron & Water. The remix album is also well worth noting, featuring work from locals Colin Alexander aka Cicerio, and of course, Mr. Boiler Room himself, Kevin McPhee. Special mention to the people at Mansion for arranging this release party at that Spadina cycle shop.

Also on Turbo, the forthcoming album from Nautiluss will look to parlay the momentum generated from the Alpha EP, in addition to the  Hemlock release, which notably featured Lord Skywave on one of the cuts. Clearly the time is now for the former Thunderheist production marvel.

Furthermore, our friends at Faceless Management have also been making waves lately, overseeing the release of Poupon & Prince Club’slatest collaboration on Riva Starr’s Snatch imprint, while fellow Faceless compatriot, Meech, has managed to trail-blaze his way into the company of two major labels — with an original track being featured on the Clubhouse Vol. 1 compilation, and a remix for Krazy Baldhead — the former on Fool’s Gold, the latter on Ed Banger.

It doesn’t stop there, as our friends at Course of Time are on the verge of celebrating the one year anniversary of their now renowned party — congrats to Mr. Charlton and company. From there, we’d also like to shout out locals like John Roman, Alex Brooks, Sidenote, Vlsonn, David Patterson, Michael Black, Deebs & Meati — all holding it down in their respective habitats. Specifcally, Mr. Roman for recently being drafted to Turbo, Vlsonn for grasping the reigns of the Sincerious imprint, and of course Meati, who’s most recent productions have garnered world-wide acclaim.

All that being said, you can’t forget XI’s work on New Kanada, the recent Ambalance initiative, and of course, the stuff from Basic Soul Unit — there’s literally too much to comprehend in one sitting.  Of course, we’ve already mentioned the now household name Kevin McPhee, who’s exploits include being label-mates with Instra:Mental — not bad.

Think I’ve gone overboard here, but, therein lies the point. I look forward to living through this blog once again, and if you’d be so kind, shoot us a message and let us know what you think.


  • Poupon

    Glad to have you back. Yoooouuu’rrreee kiiilllliiiinnnggg iiiiiitttt

  • The Vamp

    Thanks mah brahhhh x

  • Toddschlattman


  • The Vamp


  • TechnoMusicologist

    Thanks for coming back. missed your posts. 

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